"Kegljišče Golovec" is an automated bowling alley with ten tracks offering exercise to children, youth, and adults. It also offers excellent conditions for development of competitive bowling and it is the venue for top-level bowling competitions.

It has already hosted the World Championships, the World Cup, and many international club competitions. It is in operation from October to June.

Celje boasts a number of top-tier achievements, both team and individual. The Celje Bowling Club (Kegljaški klub Celje) in particular is among the best women's clubs in Europe. Their major triumphs in first-team competitions include winning ten World Cups, five European Champions Leagues, and 29 National Championships. Since 1973, Celje bowlers individually won as many as 160 medals in World Championships and World Cups. Notable individuals include Barbara Fidel (four times individual world champion, once world cup winner, current world record holder individually and combined) and Marika Kardinar (two times world champion and world record holder).

Coach Lado Gobec is certainly an important piece in the puzzle of Celje bowling. He has worked at the club for over 40 years and he is among the best women's bowling coaches in the world.