Celje airstrip is located in Medlog. It is accessed by road from the village of Levec. It is managed by Aeroklub Celje which maintains the airfield and runway with a total area of over 90,000 square meters. Airstrip activities include flying powered aircraft and gliders, as well as aeromodelling. The club also offers training for pilots of powered and glider aircraft.

Moreover, the offer includes a scenic flight in a four-seat powered aircraft Cessna 172 for up to three passengers. The flight can be tailored to your wishes, or you may choose from a list of destinations suggested by the airstrip manager. There are also two tennis courts in the vicinity of the airfield for both sports and socializing.

In terms of competition results, the club is notable especially for gliding where achievements include several national championship titles in all categories (club, 15-metre, and open). In recent years, Celje competitors have been consistently stealing the show in the open category. The club has also seen success in international competitions and championships.