Celje lives with fairs and the fairs live with Celje.

This slogan clearly points to the link between the City of the Counts and fairs. The link is anything but new, having existed for years. In fact, the first tradeshow took place in Celje in 1863, and since then, the number of such events has only been growing. Today, the Celje exhibition ground boasts cutting-edge infrastructure and it is the biggest organizer of this type of events in the country. Nine halls with modern equipment span a total of 65,000 square meters and they host 20 international fairs each year.  Last year, these were attended by over 230,000 individuals. Adding the visitors of other events held at the ground (concert, lectures, congresses etc.), the number of visitors was close to a half a million. There isn't a town of comparable size in the world, laying claim to such figures!

The title of "Fair of all Fairs" is claimed by the annual International Trade Fair considered the top business event in the region and the largest fair in Slovenia. This reputable public expo featuring over 1,600 exhibitors from over 30 countries is an excellent opportunity for meeting the target customers, striking new deals, and networking. A rich program involving well-priced shopping and entertainment draws a large crowd of visitors from both Slovenia and abroad.

Celje exhibition ground does not appear to be losing steam at all. In the last fifteen years, it added three new halls and it is the only venue that has succeeded to maintain or even increase the number of visitors since the onset of the crisis. Bright outlook also rests on ingenious projects such as the installation of solar power plants on all roofs to generate over 570 kW of power.

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