Numerous studies have confirmed that forests are immensely important for the well-being of the citizens. Specific microclimate and the tranquillity found among the green giants are not only an excellent setting for walks or exercise, but also naturally boost the mood and the spirit. Forests are therefore an indispensable well of cheerfulness, peace, and inspiration for people of all ages.

Celje boasts a large and neatly trimmed city forest that invites visitors, hikers, and athletes throughout the year. It extends along the southern border of the town, from the foothills to the slopes of Anski vrh and Miklavški hrib. Spanning 94 hectares of forest areas and including 14 kilometres of maintained walking trails, it is the largest maintained public green area in Celje.

The "Celje City Forest" project, conceived upon initiative by the local office of the Slovenian Forest Service in 1996, aimed to provide sustainable care, security, and management of the forest area in a way that allows it to fully deliver its ecological and social functions. The long-term strategy adopted by the Municipal Council continues to yield results. Recently, the Municipality of Celje became the lead partner of the international project "Urban Forests –GREEN4GREY". The project will include building seven experience and exercise trails and one educational experience trail, a playground on the third glade, an event stage, and a treetop observation point. The citizens may be happy to learn that a wonderfully maintained green shelter will be only a short walk away for a long time to come.

City forest tree house

The city forest is home to the biggest tree house in Slovenia.