The lively and diverse terrain makes Celje an excellent starting point for a cycling trip.

Tourists and visitors enjoy the routes leading past the historical sights, while athletes and amateur cyclists will appreciate the roads leading to nearby destinations – Šmartinsko Lake, Old Castle, Anski vrh, Kunigunda, Šmohor, Brnica, Svetina, Celjska koča etc.

The latter in particular has been a popular destination for cyclists for many years. Moreover, it is a good base for more challenging trips in the hilly countryside of Kozjansko. Equipment is also available for rent on Celjska koča. A map of cycling routes has been prepared, supported by modern interactive maps designed as smartphone apps. A number of routes of varying difficulty levels will allow any cyclist to find the perfect match. Hotel reception can provide more detailed information.

Regardless of which route you choose, you are sure to be enchanted by the wonderful landscape offering breathtaking views, natural and cultural heritage, as well as many opportunities to stop and recover.