Grmada is a popular hiking destination. It is located to the south of Celje above the village of Zagrad.

Nature allowed access to Grmada from three sides with three trails of varying difficulty. The first one runs along the standard route to Celjska koča and then branches off to Grmada over the ridges. Above the first ridge, there is a natural rock that used to be popular with alpine climbers. Today, it is a part of the Natura 2000 part and the nesting place for protected bird species and therefore, climbing is not allowed there in the spring and summer.

The top of Grmada with a large cross affords magnificent views of the Posavje hills, Old Castle, Celje, and the Savinjska Valley. In clear weather, one can even see Pohorje, as well as the Julian Alps, Karavanke, and Kamnik–Savinja Alps.

On the south-eastern slope of Grmada, there is the Pečovnik hut open on weekends and holidays. It was built by the hikers of the Grmada Celje mountaineering society as a replacement for the former Kumer farmhouse. The construction lasted from 2003 to 2006. The house is built in the traditional forest style, made entirely of wooden beams. The building blends in nicely with the ancient forests surrounding it.

The Toplar hayrack (kozolec) in the vicinity of the hut is also a respectable structure built in 1885. In 2003, the mountaineers purchased it at the nearby village of Šentjanž pri Svetini and salvaged it from inevitable decay by moving it to the new location. Rock climbers attached an 8-metre climbing wall to the front side of the hayrack.