Did you know that the railway tracks in Celje were built before the railway tracks in Ljubljana?

The first train arrived in Celje on 2 June 1846 – the first part of the railway track from Celje to Grobelno also constitutes the very first constructed railway track in Slovenia. The track from Grobelno to Stranje forms part of a railway track that runs to Rogatec and became operational in 1903. When it reaches Stranje, it is “left behind” by its “younger sister”, built in 1960, that runs from Podčetrtek to Imeno and further to Kumrovec. At the moment, that track is operational to Imeno. 

On saturdays from 23.4. to the end of September, you will be able to take our historical train along the same route (Celje – Podčetrtek) and explore the Land of Celje tourist destination.