The ice rink offers 1,800 square meters of ice surface and 400 seats for visitors of sports venues. Ice hockey practices are held at the ice rink in the city park from October to March. Hockey club activities start in September with free skating lessons; talented and interested children may be invited to organized hockey training. In the 2014/2015 season, the first team of the Celje Hockey Club is competing in the International League INL and in the first-team national championship.

The club is pushing for strategic development of ice hockey in Celje, also due to friendliness to entire families. A nice example is the possibility for the parents who bring their children to practice to also learn to skate and the basics of hockey. For a while now, there is even an active "Dad League". A group of dads now practice twice a week and last year, they already took part in the veteran cup in Hungary. Since moms, too, were interested in hockey skills, they can compete twice a year, at Christmas and at the end of the season, against their children. Thus, hockey is becoming entertainment for both kids and parents. The ice rink welcomes all lovers of stunts on ice!