Kladivar track and field stadium, built in 1950 and renovated in 1996, has 1,500 seats and 1,000 standing-only spots. The stadium is managed by the Athletics Club Kladivar which holds track and field courses for children and youth. New members are welcomed all year round. At this stadium which also includes an indoor gym, Martina Ratej developed into a top-class athlete through professional training process. Today, she is a part of the Europe's elite.

Beginnings of track and field sports here date back to the early 20th century when the sports society Sokol exercised in the area of today's stadium. Before World War II, the area was mostly a meadow lined by a few scattered houses with outbuildings, and industrial buildings. A football turf was built just before World War II, and the new stadium was built from 1948 to 1950. The stadium was inaugurated in September 1950 as the first track and field stadium in Yugoslavia. In 1964, works started on the construction of a sports hall with a roofed grandstand that replaced the wooden stands. In the decades to follow, the stadium kept up with technological development and after a series of refurbishments it got its current appearance.