With its mediaeval church and steep woody slopes rising above the town, Miklavški hrib (St. Nicholas Hill) is one of Celje's most characteristic natural sights.

A new web of forest trails was opened in the area in 2007 with starting points in the municipal park, the Heracles temple, and Polule. The trails lead to the St. Nicholas Church and to arguably the best lookouts in Celje which was reopened to public after more than 40 years – the old water tower. It affords a commanding view of the old town centre, Savinja River, and the Old Castle, while Paški Kozjak, Konjiška Gora and Pohorje loom on the horizon.  

Forest trails to Miklavški hrib

From the municipal park (25 min, 0.8 km)
The first trail to the water tower and the St. Nicholas Church starts at the fountain in the municipal park. After the initial steep and winding section, the trail crosses Maistrova cesta and gradually ascends towards the top. Near the top ridge, it forks with the left branch leading to the Church and the right one to the water tower.

From the Capuchin stairs (20 min, 0.7 km)
The second starting point for a hike to Miklavški hrib is at the Capuchin stairs. The trail leads along the asphalt road – Maistrova cesta to the Temple of Heracles. Then, it branches off to a forest path at an information board. The stairs lead of Celje's first water tank (or cistern), and interesting structure from the late 19th century. The forest path then climbs up the slope and merges with the trail leading from the park after approximately 350 metres.
From the top, you can return to town via Maistrova cesta or continue past the hillfort and descend to Polule. From there, you can return to the centre of the town through the Breg neighbourhood. A similar option is the forest trail originating just under the water tower.