After 1856, the appearance of the flood plain on the right bank of the Savinja River under Miklavški hrib (St. Nicholas Hill) started to change as Ivan Orešnik, the owner of the Kapun mansion, had two chestnut-lined alleys planted along the riverbank, which resulted in a riverwalk that still forms the core of the present-day public park.

A footbridge across the Savinja River links the park to the city centre. Park visitors may enjoy the embrace of the mighty trees, the meticulously groomed green areas, and the stunning scenery as they walk along the many pathways or rest on the benches. The park also includes a modern playground, several tennis courts, and an ice rink. Many hiking trails start in the park, including the "Path for your Heart" ("srčna pot"), a cardio walking trail leading to the nearby Anski vrh and Miklavški hrib, both of which afford breathtaking views of Celje, Old Castle of Celje, and the surroundings. The slope above the park is covered by the town forest which also shelters a web of well-maintained easy hiking trails.