Celje offers numerous marked hiking trails that allow the hikers to enjoy the beautiful scenery. This type of exercise only requires sports clothing, suitable footwear, and – if needed – trekking poles.

Celjska koča is certainly among the more popular hiking destinations. The standard route starts at the Zagrad fire station on the eastern side of the parking lot where the first markings can be seen. The route is not difficult and it is well-marked. It runs partly along an asphalt road, and partly along a well-treaded forest path. At approximately one half of the way, the trail forks. One branch leads over Grmanda, while the easier option runs past the Trobiš beech, a tree of formidable dimensions found to be over 200 years old, protected as a natural monument. A broad cart track, from which one path soon branches to the left towards the Pečovnik hut, later on widens into a gravel (macadam) road leading all the way to Celjska koča.

Needless to say there are many other trails leading to Celjska koča, such as those through Vipota, Suhi potok, Hudičev graben, Bojanski graben, Tolsti vrh etc.