Zlatarna Celje ("Celje goldsmiths") takes pride in over 170 years of continuous work and an enviable tradition of the largest and most renowned manufacturer of gold and silver jewellery in the industry, with solid reputation reaching beyond Slovenian borders.

Our offer includes top-of-the-line gold and diamond jewellery, wedding rings, silver line Lencia with a special collection Lencia by Tina Maze, and Lencia watches. In addition to jewellery, we also offer investment gold, including 1 g and 5 g bars in a variety of creatively designed packaging, as well as larger bars and investment coins.

  • Prešernova 2, Celje
  • 03/ 42 67 200
Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 19.00 Saturday: 8.00 - 13.00