Why the church of Svetina was not rendered white

Construction of the church of Svetina was ordered by the Count Friderik II upon his return from captivity at a Count of Furlanija (Friuli). The church was built by a German master mason. When it was done, it could not be rendered because the plaster kept falling off overnight. Friderik, displeased, threw the mason in jail. One night, St. Mary appeared before him and told him she wanted the church dark so that it is not spotted by the Turks when they reach these lands. When master mason told Count Friderik II the story, he released him.
To this day, the Svetina Church remains unrendered.

About the chapel under the old castle

A small chapel dedicated to the Dolorous Mother of God still stands were the road along the left bank of the Savinja river forks and a narrow and steep path leads towards the castle. There used to be mighty rocks behind the chapel and the Counts would hide behind them to ambush the travelling merchants.
One day, a trade caravan was advancing along the road, looking to sell their merchandise to the people of Savinjska Valley. Before they reached this treacherous spot, a heavy thunderstorm started to rage. The thunder was deafening and the lightning was fierce.
The merchants prayed to the Mother of God to protect them from ambush and the storm. And lo and behold! When they reached the rocks, they saw a horse and a scout sent by the Count to stake out the merchants, killed by lightning. The merchants happily reached the town, and showed their gratitude for the miraculous rescue by erecting the chapel honouring the Mother of God.

About the sunken chapel on the Ložnica stream

On the spot of today's Jošt Mill in Medlog, there used to be a hunting lodge of the Counts of Celje, later turned into a small mansion, called "Lovski dvorec" ("The Hunting Castle". On the west side of the mill, stretching along the road, is a vast meadow called "Tiergut". In the middle of the meadow, there was a small mound and inside the mound there was a vault. Many beautiful oaks grew on the mound, and there was a depression in the middle between them. The vault may be what is left of the menagerie that the Counts kept on this meadow.
However, a legend circulated among the people that there used to be a church at the spot, which sank to the ground. When the local peasants dug to get to the church, they reached rather deep when they suddenly heard the bells ring. They thought those were noon bells so they emerged from the hole. But when they all reached the surface, the hole collapsed, but wasn't entirely filled. Oaks sprouted along the edge of the hole.
That bell is still heard to this day whenever a storm is approaching.

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