(Meisterdorf/Mistrovice, 1784 – Celje, October 2, 1844)

The master of the rising sun

Hieronymus Hackel was one of the most prominent glass engravers of the 19th century. He was born presumably near Meisterdorf, today Mistrovice, in northern Bohemia in 1784. The only reliable piece of information about Hieronymus Hackel is the entry in the register of deaths kept at the St. Daniel parish in Celje, which reads: "Hakl Hironymus, Glasschleifer, 60 Jahre alt, gestorben 2. Oktober 1844 an Schlagfuss in der Stadt Cilli No. 29." The information is of particular interest as the construction plan of Celje reveals that this is actually the house No. 91 located in today's Stanetova Street.

Interest in Hackel as an engraver has had a long history especially because of extensive studying of his work. It should be noted that Gustav Edmund Pazaurek, and many others after him, e.g. Hanka Štular and Jarmila Brožová of Prague, collected information about his work and identified him as the engraver known in the German lands, nicknamed the Master of the Rising Sun (Meister der aufgehenden Sonne). Hanka Štular's analysis of engravings and abraded details has proven that this is in fact the same person and that examples of glasses linked to both masters are actually the work of H. Hackel. In addition to Štular and Brožová in the Czech Republic, this thesis has been confirmed by a number of scholars. The most recent review of the archives in the National Archives of Prague revealed further interesting information. A permit was discovered for relocation of five glaziers from the Czech to the Styrian gubernium, more specifically to the Celje district. The departure permit is dated October 26, 1808. The five master glaziers included, in addition to Hackel, the glass cutter Anton Grossmann who can be found from 1810 to 1823 at the Rakovec glassworks near Vitanje.

The document proves that Hackel came to Celje around 1810 and that a large share of his work was actually created here. Interestingly, Hackel procured semi-products most likely from the local glassworks in the vicinity of Celje, and then engraved them to order. Some recent discoveries indicate that the basic work was made to stock. Following an order, the master would add a monogram or a coat of arms. A number of elements present on the glassware support such thesis. Two examples with a signature "H. Hackl fabric in Cilli" should be noted: one is kept at the Victorian and Albert Museum in London, and the other is kept in Prague.

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