All of you that wish to learn MORE – about the history of the city, about prominent figures from Celje, about Celje characters, more secrets of Celje streets ... are recommended to attend a guided tour with our local tourist guides.

By prior arrangement, guided tours in the following languages: English, French, Croatian, Ital-ian, German, Russian, Slove-nian, Serbian and Spanish are available.

Regular visits to the city of Celje: a walk around the city with a local guide during which you will learn about the history of the city at its most important sights. Duration: max. 2 hours. Meeting point: Krekov trg (Railway Sta-tion). You are advised to combine regular visits to the city with a visit to the Old Castle Celje or the exhibitions on display at the Regional Museum and the Museum of Contemporary His-tory or to opt for either of the THEMATIC GUIDED TOURS!

To book please contact: Celje Tourist Information Centre
  • Via Troia secunda

    Celje is an old city. Older than you may think... learn why it was called the Troia Secunda and explore the Roman history of the city

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  • Today Counts of Celje and never again

    Discover the mysterious life of the Counts of Celje as well as their power and glory! Your journey will take you from the striking Old Castle Celje to the breath-taking exhibition that will render you speechless – when you find the Counts of Celje in a darkroom with their skulls.

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  • The modern city

    Celje had a railway track before Ljubljana. What else influenced its economic development and the present-day appearance of the city?

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  • Around the world with Alma M. Karlin

    Meet this fascinating woman from Celje –globetrotter Alma M. Karlin that would nowadays undoubtedly be the best known blogger in the world!

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  • Romantic Celje

    Become familiar with the history of the city through tragic, dra-matic and unrequited love stories born in Celje. Who was Alfred Nobel’s mistress?

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  • The Celje adventure

    Celje has had a heart for sports since time immemorial ... And what about you?

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  • Myths and legends

    Programme: walk around the city with a guide, visit to the MCC Hostel, whose rooms are based on the MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF CELJE. Duration: max. 2 hours.

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  • Discover your talents!

    Meet local artists and take a peek into their art studios!

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  • Celje censored

    Allow yourself to “get lost” with your guide. Visit locations that are usually not mentioned in either books or guidebooks and may not even be listed on the map.

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  • Visit the city by night

    The city is especially lively during summer.

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