How the teharje family was ennobled

There are several legends of how the Teharje family rose to the ranks of nobility.

Near the Bežigrad mansion lived a peasant who had a stunningly beautiful daughter. One day, he walked in on her and a Count of Celje. To find a way out of the embarrassing situation, the Count elevated the Teharje family to nobles.

Friderik II had a forester near Teharje, whose daughter was strikingly beautiful. When the forester found out the Count was in love with his daughter, he was not impressed and forbade the daughter to see the Count. The Count was enraged and started making threats. The frightened forester then devised a plot: the Count was to be suddenly attacked and killed. The girl who learned about the conspiracy, warned the Count, and asked him to be merciful to her father and brothers. Touched by her love, the Count did not only give up any punishment; he ennobled the forester and his sons. Thus, the Teharje family rose to nobility.

Ulrik II stalked the fair Marjetica Pengarjeva, the fiancé of Janez Mlinar residing in the mill on the bridge across the Voglajna River. One day, Janez caught the Count as he wanted to abduct Marjetica. In exchange for his freedom, the Count had to promise to ennoble the Teharje family. Thus it happened.

The Counts of Celje had many illegitimate children which they brought to the peasants of Teharje to be raised. At some point, the Counts felt it was highly inappropriate for their children to be ordinary peasants. Moreover, they could no longer tell which of the Teharje youngsters was their child and which one was not. Thus, one of the Counts decided to ennoble the entire Teharje family.
Nowadays, the people of Teharje are not impressed by such explanations. They claim to have been ennobled based on merit, not due to their irresistible women. It is true, however, that they did not hold the Counts and especially their moral stance in high esteem. Only decades ago, a heavy slur or insult for a Teharje woman could still be heard: "the counts' unchaste (woman)".

The legend of the teharje estates

Young Count Viljem was raised on the Viennese court. While on holiday, he met Elizabeta, the pretty daughter of the judge of Teharje. Viljem was frequently a guest in her father's house. Soon, the other boys of Teharje reproached the judge for letting the young noble stay with her daughter at night. The father was displeased and said this was nothing but slander. But the boys were on the lookout to see the count sneak in again at night.
Opportunity soon knocked. They called Elizabeta's father who ordered them to guard the doors and windows and prevent the young master to escape. When Viljem realized he was in danger, he said to the father: "Do not be upset, my intentions with your daughter were pure!" He then drew his sword and threatened the boys: "Come any closer and I will split open your head. Know that I am the son of your lord Count Urh I." Viljem then demanded they not say a word about this to his father and promised them to repay them when he succeeds him on the throne. Everyone swore.
When Viljem inherited his father's estates after his death, the Teharje residents recalled the unfortunate lovely daughter of the judge, who had died during childbirth.

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